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    The Jeco group was founded in 1987. In the past 30 years, Jeco has been adhering to the development philosophy of "contributing to the contribution of human society and creating value for partners", striving to strive for excellence and dev...

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    Enterprise Concept

    • 2010

      Won the "Shanghai famous brand" title;

    • 2009

      Hebei production base and Zhejiang production base adopt new environme

    • 2008

      Extend the industrial chain, invest environmentally friendly high conc

    • 2007

      Group changed into joint-stock limited company, officially changed its

    • 2006

      Group technology center has been approved as Shanghai municipal enterp

    • 2003

      Set up a group of Companies in Shanghai "Shanghai JECO(GROUP) LTD

    • 2002

      The establishment of Zhejiang Province JECO(GROUP) LTD, began azo pigm

    • 1999

      Established the first overseas sales company in the United States, and

    • 1998

      Production of 3000 ton alkylbenzene copper phthalocyanine

    • 1996

      JECO(GROUP) LTD "brand" awarded "Hebei famous trademark

    • 1995

      Access to self import and export rights, and set up import and Export

    • 1992

      Completion of chlor alkali project with annual output of 5000 tons

    • 1991

      Construction of phthalocyanine blue professional production plant

    • 1987

      The company was founded in Hebei, Cangzhou