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Customized flame retardant solutions

Plastic parts that connect energized metal parts are easy to burn, so fire safety regulations must be observed. Therefore, the electronic equipment must be protected by the flame retardant, which can prevent or delay the deterioration and spread of the fire in different ways. Clariant Introduces Exolit? OP Series Custom Flame Retardants Based on halogen-free organic phosphorus compounds, it is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional flame retardants.


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Detailed description

The latest Exolit? OP series is a non-halogen, high-efficiency flame retardant based on organophosphorus compounds. The extensive toxicological testing of the plastic life cycle shows that our products have good environmental performance. If the plastic containing Exolit? OP burns, the gas released will cause the burning plastic to start foaming and rapidly form a foam coking protective layer, which is not flammable. This barrier isolates the underlying plastic that is not burned by heat while blocking atmospheric oxygen.



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